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Fudu helps restaurants - acquire, retain, and wow! their customers

If you are a restaurant, bar, resort, QSR, drive-thru - Fudu can help you vastly improve the ordering and payment experience for your customers. It is as simple as scanning a code from the phone camera to view the menu, order and pay right from your phone! Let Fudu handle the job of taking orders and payments while your staff concentrates on providing food, drinks, and experience.

Fudu helps you acquire new customers by letting you run an "easy to implement" referral program. Let that word of mouth marketing do it's magic for you and the power of technology helps you execute a referral program at scale, seamlessly!

Retain your customers by running loyalty programs and collecting feedback from them all from their phone. Get analytics at your fingertips at an item level, know which items are loved by your customers and which are not.

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