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TRuste one

Pasadena, USA

TRUSTe is a text message chatbot for business owners and investors. It helps users with business KPIs and transparency in reporting between business owners and investors. Users can receive business KPIs directly on their phones via text messages. Users can also share KPIs with investors and stakeholders. It has powerful integrations with bank accounts, Stripe, Square, and QuickBooks Online. Users are charged a monthly subscription for the service using Stripe. The whole solution is deployed on AWS cloud infrastructure and offers easy scalability.

Technologies and integrations
  • Python Django

  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure

  • Bootstrap

  • Plaid for bank account integration

  • Stripe for subscriptions

  • Square integration for reporting

  • QuickBooks Online integration for reporting

The project was commissioned by TRUSTe One and are the owners of the product developed in partnership with Zignite Labs. Video credits to TRUSTe One.

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