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chatbot development

Chatbots revolutionize the way you interact with your customers and streamline all the business interactions. We create voice bots and chatbots using Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, fastText, Rasa NLU, & Microsoft Bot Framework. We help you build chatbots that can integrate with payment and other services to actually make them do things that matter and not just be a novelty.

⚖️ NDA Compliance  |  ⏰ On-time delivery  |  ⚡ Agile process


Retail Voice Assistant

  • Embedded system

  • Hot word detection

  • IBM Watson

  • Product exploration

AI Voice assistant with the ability to help shoppers find and purchase the best products for their needs using their voice in a retail environment.

Food Ordering Chatbot

  • Facebook Messenger & Twitter

  • Multi-lingual - English & Arabic

  • Payment in chat

  • Live Agent Support

  • Web dashboard for restaurants

Truly complex AI chat bot with many intents and entities, ability to switch between languages seamlessly and make payments in chat.

Medical Alexa Skill

  • Alexa Skill

  • AWS Lambda

  • OAuth integration

Doctors can ask research questions to the Alexa skill and link their Amazon account to Client's account



We have conversations with the client and various stake holders to understand the business problem and the users. The phase is all about gathering requirements and involves a lot of questions by our technical experts to make sure the rest of the process is geared towards solving the problem in the best possible way. Many a times, the client ends up re-evaluating their existing processes in light of the questions posed in this phase.


After having gathered the requirements, our technical team architects the right solution to fit the timeline and budget by evaluating the pros and cons of a variety of options. The plan will include milestones. Each milestone includes deliverables, deadline and acceptance criteria. It also includes cost estimation.


We follow Agile Development methodology to help handle changing requirements and to always have a working version of the project. We engage the client in weekly planning to help prioritize the requirements. We have a dedicated Project Manager for every project to aid with smooth execution of the project and all client interactions.


The project manager delivers the project on time with all milestones complete and the entire software tested thoroughly for any bugs. The source code will be delivered in a secure way via our code versioning system.




  • Flexible requirements

  • Fixed hourly price

  • Part time dedicated resources

Best for small projects where the requirements can change and there are execution uncertainties


  • Flexible requirements

  • Fixed hourly price

  • Full-time dedicated resource

  • Discounted hourly price

Best for evolving complex projects where the requirements can change and there are execution uncertainties


  • Clear requirements

  • Fixed price

  • Fixed hours

Best for projects with clear requirements and no uncertainty in development process


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