Some of our satisfied clients

We work with our clients on problem statement definition, market study, proof of concept, designing the solution, implementation, testing and maintenance. We love solving technically challenging problems in the space of Artificial Intelligence. At the core, we love building well designed products that users find sublime to use.

Tenjin AI

Quantel labs LLC

New York, USA

Tenjin AI is a virtual assistant that uses conversational AI to assist stock market traders by providing information in the most natural conversational way. Tenjin AI can provide historical market data, alternative data and answer questions from free text data sources.

Hey Ludwig

Hey ludwig llc

Arizona, USA

Hey Ludwig is an AI enabled dog trainer built in partnership with one of the largest dog training institutes in the USA to help them scale beyond in-person training programs. Hey Ludwig uses conversational AI and works on Facebook Messenger Platform to interact with dog owners to learn about their dogs and provide customized video tutorials to help with obedience, issues and tricks.

Telecom Agent

Engayg Cem Technologies

New Delhi, India

Telecom Agent is a voice enabled AI that works as a call center agent to help customers get their billing details, explore and purchase telecom products, etc.

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